If video doesn’t play, click HERE DNetMarketing offers online marketing services to help business focus on the most effective and cost efficient methods to reach potential clients exactly where they are searching and keep them engaged in the buying process.  Contact DNetMarketing at 916-934-2402


The phone books and other traditional marketing methods have become obsolete. Search has moved online and it’s going local. Google shows a map as the top listing when performing a search with a city name. We provide website submission to Google Maps and the most popular Online Local Directories to help your business get found. Local Directories are one of the most important building blocks to an online presence and is a great place to start. We hand submit to the most important online directories which can greatly help your website and your Google Maps listing to rise in the search engines…giving your business even greater exposure.


Adding video to a web presence is absolutely the best method to create 1 to 1 interaction resulting in rapport, trust and likeability 3 times higher conversion. DNetMarketing uses Online VIDEO, Content Creation combined with our SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Distribution Technology, to spread the Good News about your company across the Internet FAST! And the best part is…We do the Heavy Lifting for You! We do the research, we create the content, we distribute your content on up to 100 social media channels all leading back to YOUR BUSINESS…People calling YOU, going to your website, or becoming part of your growing online marketing list!

How can video help you with your business?

  • Prospects get your message quickly and stay on your website longer
  • Better conversion of website traffic to actual buyers
  • Boosts your business BRAND and customer loyalty
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Can lead to higher website search engine rankings

We have the tools and experience to make you a YouTube Star! With YouTube you can reach a lazer targeted audience. We can custom build a YouTube channel and add thousands of friends and subscribers.

Custom Websites

Need a website?  We build professional websites on the most web friendly platform.


Did you know that typically it takes 5-7 contacts with a prospect before they become a valued client or customer? This is where most businesses really miss out on using the Internet because they have no automated system in place to build an online email list and to communicate and convert online prospects to clients. If you have a website with plenty of traffic, but your sales from the website are low…then one of the most overlooked goldmines is building an online email list… the right way! We can help with online email list building where we can set up your auto-responder and automate a letter series over time so we can help you to stay in constant contact with your prospects and customers. Consistent ongoing online communication is one of the key components to increase sales while building loyalty with your buyers. We can design customized lead generation systems to help your business generate locally targeted leads that are interested in what your business has to offer. By automating this process, your system can connect with prospects around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year helping your company to make more money.

Other services

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Newsletter writing, management and distribution
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Classified Ad creation and distribution
  • Mobile marketing
  • Direct Mail set up and management
  • Phone auto dialer set up and management
  • Email and phone list broker
  • Coaching and Consulting

Have Questions or Ready to Get Started?

Contact DNetMarketing at 916-847-2377

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